1/8/19 The Water Smacker's Patent was granted!


1) Drink water that truly quenches your thirst, the micro sized hydrogen ionized water molecule, is very small and will absorb into your body easier and faster. Most bottled water today does not absorb into your body and goes right though.

2) Raises the pH of your drinking water by 1 to 1.5. Example : 6.5 pH water will go up to 7.5 pH. If you leave the water smacker on the same bottle of water for 2 days+ the pH will go up to 1.5 pH higher. More alkaline. Drinking smacked water will take out the acid level of your body to alkaline. 98% of cancer patients have acidic bodies. All our bodies need help in this area. Most everything we drink is on the acidic side. Soda is the worst acid bomb you can drink, plus a sugar bomb to boot, ditch soda and drink smacked water and live and LOOSE WEIGHT!!

3) The Water Smacker will also lower the ORP by -20 to -40. ( ORP = Oxidation Reduction Potential or REDOX) ORP, or Redox Potential, is a measurement of waters ability to oxidize contaminants. Turn your drinking water into micro clustered spring water! Makes water taste like mountain glacier water. You can taste the quality of the water. Smack your bottle of water to raise your body pH, and lower the waters measured ORP to a more negative value.

4) Drinking water that tastes like it just came out of the ground. Water that tingles your body, that triggers all cells to enjoy the 7.5 hz. frequency the nature earth, water, plants and animals are used too. It takes all higher not wanted frequencies out of your drinking water and replaces it with the Schumann found nature earth frequency of approx. 7.5hz This charge will radiate out to other cells in your body! It will go to your digestive track, to your blood stream to your entire body. ( We have added charged smacked water to a 5 gallon water bottle and the whole bottle took the charge, even after 3 days!)

5) This water brings back the electrical charge to your red blood cells and rids your blood stream of harmful simplast. Watch this Blood doctor video showing this pnemonia. Taking out the simplast will help rid your body of arthritis, heart disease and lung problems. Your red blood cells will become buoyant, will bounce of each other, rather than stick together and allows the blood cells to carry oxygen easier though the blood stream. It will slowly heal your body.

6) Gives you energy, great for fasting and losing weight. It helps cleanse toxins from your body and colon. Helps Alkalize your body and keep it at the 7.0 healthy pH state, it was designed to be at. 98% of all cancer patients have acidic body pH. Drinking "smacked" water will elimate acid water and replace your body with more alkaline water. You will urinate the acid body water out of your system.

7) Smacked water is very similar to alkaline water machines, the ORP goes down -20 to -40 and you will never have titanium dioxide white flakes floating in your drinking water as current run alkaline water machines make. The Smacker does take a over night charge, so you must be a day ahead in preparation of your drinking water. It will stay charged for about 3 days. You simple rotate the water, pour into a glass and add more water to the charging bottle and get another batch of water going. Perfect for 3 people in the household.

8) Keep your immune system in working order, you may never get sick again, flu, cold, helps with allergies as well. All alkaline water machines boosts your immune system.

9) The Water Smacker will knock put all other higher frequencies, of your drinking water and convert to to 7.5 hz. The Schumman found frequency of 7.5hz. Drinking charged 7.5 hz frequency water absorbs into your body to combat bad EMT higher frequencies that we are being bombarded today with high frequency 2450 Hz (micro-waves) 1200Hz and 2350Hz, Cell phone signals, wireless modems, WiFi, smart meters. The higher frequencies are all harmful to our natural resonance of 7.5hz. Planet Earth, the plants the lakes, rivers, oceans and all living life are at the natural resonance of approx. 7.5 hz. Stayed tuned to nature and avoid being a robot. The water smacker inputs energy into the water and charges the water molecules. It allows the water to be absorbed by the cells inside your body. When you drink store bought bottled water that is NOT in the proper state, it will only add to your body's interstitial fluids and NOT absorb into your cells.. More and more EMF pollution is being put out into the atmosphere today. Your drinking water is losing it's charge. The Water Smacker brings back the natural earth water cycle, to your drinking water and into every cell in your body. With the added 4G and LTE and wiFi waves in the air all around us, cell towers are putting out 2450 Hz (micro-wave), 2100 - 2350hz. Wireless transmission towers for radio, TV, telecommunications, radar and many other applications, emit radio frequency radiation (RFR). Radio frequency radiation covers a large segment of the electromagnetic spectrum and falls within the non-ionizing bands, producing acidic bodies in water, plants, animals and humans. These high frequencies knock the energy(electrons) out of the water, the plants the animals the humans, etc. The water becomes positively charged into more acidic water, which means more incidents of cancer. If you want to do your body good! you want to drink negatively charged water. A body with a strong immune system, from drinking negatively charged water.

10) The Water Smacker only draws 1 watt of energy, that is 24 watts total in a 24 hour day!

Watch this video from the TeslaTech Conference, Bob Boyce® the inventor speaking about the Water Smacker, this summer in New Mexcio. 7/31/16

Watch the Water Smacker product VIDEO 4/4/17

View the Water Smacker video ad on "The Still Report" 5/11/17

Negative Hydrogen for Positive Health by Dr. Gerry F. Gordon

Not a medical product ( The FDA requires all health products to mention this line.)

My Water pH is NOT going up? Why is that?

The TRUTH about the PET plastic bottles we use to charge your drinking water

MORE BENEFITS of Drinking Smacked Water

11) Preventive Health plan. Can’t afford a health plan? Stay healthy and
avoid the doctor and the hospital.

12) Boost your Immune System 100%, avoid the flu, colds.

13) Charge all other cells in your body with the natural 7.5hz frequency of
the Earth, a mellow low subtone, un-audible to our hearing.Schumann Frequency.

14) Clean up your blood, take out symplast, red blood cells move better and
are rounder., moves more liek when we were children.

15) Helps clean your colon. Cancer fungus can not grow in a alkaline body.
Prevents cancer growth and helps stop it.

16) Drink water that absorbs easily and rejuvenates the cells in your body.

17) Test the charged water by placing your finger in the bottle, it shocks your finger.

18) Cures headaches, if you feel sick or dizzyhave a glass of charged water and feel it go away.

updated 4/15/17

When ordering make sure you check the box "Saw it on Bill Still's News site.
$100 of every Water smacker sold,  goes to " The Still Report"
One way to kept honest reporting going

FOR SALE NOW! $370.00 FREE SHIPPING in the USA! Two year warranty. Charge up to 2 water bottles per day.

Smack your 32oz. drinking water bottle and raise the pH and lower the ORP!!

Guaranteed to satisfy you or your money back ( minus shipping costs)

Micro clustered water when frozen makes perfect snowflakes due to the lining up of the water molecules.Work of Dr. Emoto
Normal macro clustered water looks like welding slag when frozen and no line up of the molecules. The water smacker
magnetically line up the water molecules that will also help line up your cell molecules in your body and blood.
The hydrogen ionized water absorbs into your body better and quench's your thirst better. Ionized water is similar
to water at the bottom of the waterfall. Water that feels silky to your touch. What does bad water look like when frozen?
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Takes only 10 watts or less to run, but the longitudinal toroid circuit INSIDE,
pulses and resonates water back to it's original frequency. How does it work ?

It draws only 2 watts of energy from the wall art transformer.

Turn your drinking water into micro clustered spring water! Makes water taste like mountain glacier water. You can taste the quality of the water. Smack your water bottle and raise the pH and lower the ORP!! to a negative reading. ( ORP = Oxidation Reduction Potential or REDOX) ORP, or Redox Potential, is a measurement of waters ability to oxidize contaminants. We focus NOT on oxidizing the contaminants, we go a level higher and focus on the (-) charge magnetically bonding to (+)acidic cancer, or (+) virus, or (+)pathogens, or (+) infection. Bonds to, then marries the (+) pathogen and helps your body eliminate it once and for all. No need to come back for more oxygen therapy. Hydrogen heals once and for all. Hospitals need to ditch the old oxygen therapy and should consider the better hydrogen therapy. Where their is no $ in healing the people. Only $ is in repeat oxygen therpahy and drug$.

Use only store bought drinking water or distilled or R.O. filtered water or tested spring/well water. The pH of the charged water goes up according to the starting pH level of your water. If you would like a higher pH of water let it run for a few more hours.

Do not use tap water! Never charge tap water or municipal water if it contains fluoride, chlorine or other harmful chemicals. Charging water magnifies the effects of any elements or chemicals in that water. You must choose a good quality source, or use a reverse osmosis water filter under the sink system. A Solar distiller would be another way to make distilled water to be charged.

Charged micro clustered water cleans your blood, takes out cholesterol, rejuvenates your body, is antioxidant. Ditch the soda acid bath and live longer, more energy, all your cells and body water goes alkaline, don't worry you will get plenty of acid from coffee, tea, beer, wine. Just ditch soda, the worst sugar acid bomb you can intake. It is like drenching your body with acid, that does not dilute 99% of all victims with cancer have an acidic system. Most store bought bottled water is acidic! and needs a pH boost!

One way to use the Water Smacker. Leave the Water Smacker on all the time, since you can not overcharge the water and since it only runs at about 10 watts of energy. Leave it filled to the top of the bottle. Pour your self a glass of water and then refill it back up with your preferred drinking water, or well water, and leave it turned on. The refill water added charges up faster that way. Water cannot overcharge.

It makes no noise, so you wonder if it is on? If you place a long screwdriver with isolated handle, in the resonance area. Touch the long screwdriver to the alum lining, near the top of the inside of the 4"tube. Lift the screw driver end close to the handle close to the SS rod cathrode. When you get about 1/2" to 1/4" away , you will see blue sparks jumping from the screw driver to the center ss rod. This is the way to test if it is working or not. It can NOT short. Learn more about micro clustered water on this site. 1/5 the price of other Ionic Water machines. You will rarely get sick after drinking this water daily. I testify to this, for I drink Kangen water every day for about 5 years. ( says Andrew Batty, owner of Hydrogen Garage)

The WATER SMACKER is a cheaper alternative to a Ionic Water Machine. ( $370 vs. $1480 to $2500) We have an Affiliate Marketing Program, sell the Water Smacker and earn a sales commission, just by adding the WATER SMACKER info to you website. We ship them out for you. CONTACT US

CALL US TODAY - 805.995.4809

Not a medical product ( The FDA requires all health products to mention this line.)



Watch this video of a Blood Doctor doing blood tests after drinking micro-clustered water.
This water will replace the acid water in your body and help your cells and blood all to line up naturally.
Every body needs it. Super charge the water you drink! Boost your immune system!

One customer asked : "Will the water smacker kill microbes in the water?"
Answer : "No, the process is pro-life. It adds energy to the water that is beneficial to living cells. It is not a
water filter or purifier, that must be done to the water prior to charging it. However, it can kill any
organism that cannot withstand an alkaline ph, such as cancer. This is a good thing." 6/10

Do NOT do this to your Water Smacker

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Come visit the Tesla Tech Conference in New Mexico, the end of July 2016 and listen to Bob talk
about the Water Smacker and Battery Smacker and other Tesla subjects. Become a Water Smacker dealer.


Hydrogen 4 Health • Another way to make negatively charged drinking water.

Negative Hydrogen for Positive Health by Dr. Gerry F. Gordon

1/8/19 The Water Smacker's Patent was granted!

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