PET Plastic Bottles

The truth about the PET or PETE plastic bottles we use in the Water Smacker. PETE = Polyethylene terephthalate. It's dielectric properties is semi conductive and takes on the + charge in the resonant chamber, the inner aluminum liner is + charged, as the bottle and the water is 100% (-) negatively charged from the aether. We are +. we get the spark jump. from (-) water to our body that is (+) Look for the PET stamp on the bottom of the clear plastic bottles at the markets, to get a few more charge bottles.

The recycle triangle #1 best recyclable plastic, this means it is a high grade recyclable plastic. PET or PETE is NOT made from recycled plastic, is formulated in a lab, since the 1950's. It is lab grade, medical grade, food grade plastic for our drinks for over 50 years in supermarkets though the land. USA ISO standards is a strict policy in the PET beverage plastic bottle manufactures guide lines. No plasticizers are in these bottles. Other plastic bottles without the PET or PETE stamp on the bottom of the bottles, who knows what is in those cheap plastic bottles. No petroleum leaches into the water. Get over the plastic scare in the 20th century. PET is perfect plastic for drinks, just never put in the sun's strong UV rays.

One customer asked :"Does PET plastic leach out estrogenic compounds from the plastic into the water? One guy really likes the idea of the water smacker, but he says the PET bottle really bothers him. He wanted to buy one, but the PET bottle stopped him. ? He sent us this article

Many customers are concerned about the Water Smacker PET plastic bottles we use to charge the water. Many complaints they hate the idea of a plastic drinking bottle. Some ask can we use glass? If you use glass it will void the warranty and will eventually burn out the modules inside the smacker.

Our response :

Honestly, you would have to drink water that baked out in the open sun (UV exposure) in the bottle for long enough to break down the plastic enough to contaminate the water. There is no UV exposure from being in the Water Smacker. These people need to stop believing everything they read. There are special interest plastics companies putting out false or incomplete information in order to promote their "safer" bottles. Nothing is ever totally safe. You can get poisoned by contaminants in a "safe" bottle factory just as easy, from toxic dust getting into the bottles during manufacture. They need to worry more about the coming earth changes and get saved before it is too late! ( 8/7/2018)

Introducing the WATER SMACKER! Micro cluster, ionize and negatively charge your drinking water. It also gives your water a spark. It raises your body fluids to a more alkaline pH. Cancer can not grow in a alkaline body. The only drinking water device that sends the natural Schumann Frequency 7.5hz of the Earth, into the water. 100% Negatively charge your drinking water from the aether, with 2 tiny Tesla coils inside the module. All other alkaline water machines pass a current into the water, as the Water Smacker sends a pulsed low sub tone, 7.5hz frequency into your drinking water, the natural frequency of your body and the earth. updated 3/9/2018

2D vs. 5D VIDEO

Two Dynamic Water Qualities VS. Five Dynamic Water Qualities

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Watch the Water Smacker product VIDEO 4/4/17

Video on how it works, explained by the inventor: Bob Boyce™ 8/7/17

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Water Smacker Personal Testimony of Catherine Rhea • Incredible Health Benefits (11/14/17)

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Get your Water Smacker rebuilt after the 2 year warranty has passed.

Today we are bombarded with high frequencies that our bodies can not handle and makes us feel sick.
Smacked Water helps your body heal itself. The Water Smacker inputs energy into the water and charges the water molecules. It allows the water to be absorbed by the cells inside your body. When you drink store bought bottled water that is NOT in the proper state, it will only add to your body's interstitial fluids and NOT absorb into your cells.. More and more EMF pollution is being put out into the atmosphere today. Your drinking water is losing it's charge. The Water Smacker brings back the natural earth water cycle, to your drinking water and into every cell in your body. It erases the memory in the water inside the resonant chamber and puts the Earth's pulse into the water. It follows the "bio-electromagnetic" healing that Dr. Robert O.Becker wrote about in his book "The Body Electric"

The WATER that SHOCKS YOU! Smacked water, after a 24 hour charge, hold you water bottle an with a finger out it in the neck of the bottle and touch the water and ZAPPP!! you get a shock!! Water holds a charge for about 3 days, and if you pour this water in a larger water container full of water , all the water in that container will also get charged! The same thing in your body, it charges all the cells in your body, wakes you up gives you energy. No other water machine gives you this energy that SMACKED WATER!

Life of the body is in the blood. We are all suffering from power failure. On a chemical and physical level all disease is caused by a loss of organization – by entropy – or essentially a loss of energy. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who discovered Vitamin C, said that hydrogen, not oxygen, is the “fuel of life”. Hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are the body’s defense mechanisms against damaging free-radicals. But by simply replenishing our hydrogen stores, we can increase cellular energy and detoxification, relieving and even reversing many of these conditions. Adding negative Hydrogen ions from your drinking water is now easy
and affordable.

Negative Hydrogen for Positive Health by Dr. Gerry F. Gordon

Listen to Bob Boyce talk about the WATER SMACKER at the Tesla Tech Conference
New Mexico, 7/31/16

Download the Water Smacker Instructions

My Water pH is NOT going up? Why is that?

"Health Care System to Well Care System" with a Water Smacker


If you keep drinking the smacked water your high blood pressure will stay low. Bob and Dion experienced this. Years of high blood pressure to normal pressure! Clean out those blood veins and arteries like a white tornado! with Smacker water! Holy Spirit approved. Read below.

FOR SALE NOW! $370.00 FREE SHIPPING in the USA! Two year warranty. Will last for years!

Drinking water for 1 to 2 household members, the WaterSmacker PRO can charge 3x's faster.
Not out for public sale yet, but can get you one for medical research or clinics. Not UL approved.
The WS PRO is not guaranteed like the standard UL approved Water Smacker.

Smack your 32oz. drinking water bottle and raise the pH and lower the ORP!
Read the BENEFITS of drinking smacked water.

Not a medical product , we do not need FDA approval, for enhanced water is not a drug. Disclaimer

Guaranteed to satisfy you or your money back

Gary Larabee's News Site. Gary drinks smacked water and his well being is improved.

11/20/17 Bill Still no longer sells the WATER SMACKER, he got duped by a Kangen Water Salesmen'
He saturated his customers with Water Smacker Ads and the sales slowed
Very understandable. I wish the best for him.

With the added cell phone towers all over the place : 4G and LTE and wiFi waves, smart waves, in the air all around us, cell towers are putting out 2450 Hz (micro-wave), 2100 - 2350 Hz. signals, we are bombarded with them! Wireless transmission towers for radio, TV, telecommunications, radar and many other applications, emit radio frequency radiation (RFR). Radio frequency radiation covers a large segment of the electromagnetic spectrum and falls within the non-ionizing bands, producing acidic bodies in water, plants, animals and humans. These high frequencies knock the energy(electrons) out of the water, the plants the animals the humans, etc. The water becomes positively charged into more acidic water, which means more incidents of cancer. If you want to do your body good! you want to drink negatively charged water. A body with a strong immune system, from drinking negatively charged water.

Micro clustered water when frozen makes perfect snowflakes due to the lining up of the water molecules. Work of Dr. Emoto Normal macro clustered water looks like welding slag when frozen and no line up of the molecules. The water smacker magnetically line up the water molecules that will also help line up your cell molecules in your body and blood.
The hydrogen ionized water absorbs into your body better and quenches your thirst better. Ionized water is similar
to water at the bottom of the waterfall. Water that feels silky to your touch. What does bad water look like when frozen?
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease



"Distilled is the highest purity water., but lacks most minerals due to distillation. Desirable platinum group
metals in an anionic state (lacking electrons) can pass through distillation, other minerals cannot.

For people that suffer from kidney stones, distilled water is the best option for sure. For people that may
be mildly mineral deficient, RO water may be a better option. Filtered spring water is best for those that
suffer from high levels of mineral deficiency. That being said, not everyone has access to sources of real
spring water. A Berkey, AlexiPure, or similar home filter should be fine with most real spring waters.

Filtered tap water from municipal water supplies should be avoided if possible. If that is the only water
that you have available, consider buying a home water distiller, or a really high quality RO filter system,
and plan to change filters as needed. Municipal water can contain a lot of potentially harmful elements
or chemicals. These can become even more harmful if that water is used as water to be smacked.

When water is put into an energized water smacker, the water will begin to micro cluster as it is exposed to
the energy within the resonance chamber. This means that as the water charges and micro clusters, solids
in that water also begin to break down into smaller particles. When solids in water are broken down into
smaller particles, they become easier to absorb when consumed. This causes harmful solids to become
even more harmful! This is why we caution against municipal tap water. Many bottled waters are just tap
water that has been filtered to varying degrees, bottled, and sold. Some even had "additives" to improve
flavor or alter pH added prior to bottling.

So choose your source water wisely!"


The Water Smacker has similar technology to the Battery Smacker and PWM technology that drives our HHO cells. The inside Stainless Steel rod is the negative output and the aluminum tape, inside the Water smacker's resonance cavity chamber is the shielding (+) and the cathode rod(-) is at resonance length. Their is a DC to DC converter inside, that runs a Tesla coil, that is driven with non-hertzian energy, that does not have an iron core, it has an air core. The mass of the primary and secondary wind are matched. The components in the Water smacker circuit are designed to work with non-hertzian energy, so that the non-hertzian energy will NOT destroy the circuit inside. Special capacitors are used, no silicon based components, special diodes have to be used. Bob spent many hours researching and perfecting this technology to help SAVE MANKIND from the corporate push of cell phone towers and cell phone sale$. Not a medical product

Hydrogen 4 Health
• Another way to make negatively charged drinking water.
Negative Hydrogen for Positive Health by Dr. Gerry F. Gordon


Watch this video of a Blood Doctor doing blood tests after drinking micro-clustered water. This water will replace the acid water in your body and help your cells and blood all to line up naturally. Every body needs it. Super charge the water you drink! Boost your immune system!

One customer asked : "Will the water smacker kill microbes in the water?" Answer : "No, the process is pro-life. It adds energy to the water that is beneficial to living cells. It is not a water filter or purifier, that must be done to the water prior to charging it. However, it can kill any organism that cannot withstand an alkaline Ph, such as cancer. This is a good thing." 6/10

Turn your drinking water into micro clustered spring water! Makes water taste like mountain glacier water. You can taste the quality of the water. Smack your bottle of water to raise your body pH, and lower the waters measured ORP to a more negative value.( ORP = Oxidation Reduction Potential or REDOX) ORP, or Redox Potential, is a measurement of waters ability to oxidize contaminants.

Use only store bought drinking water or distilled or R.O. filtered water or tested spring/well water. The pH of the charged water goes up according to the starting pH level of your water. If you would like a higher pH of water let it run for a few more hours.

Do not use tap water! Never charge tap water or municipal water if it contains fluoride, chlorine or other harmful chemicals. Charging water magnifies the effects of any elements or chemicals in that water. You must choose a good quality source, or use a reverse osmosis water filter under the sink system. A Solar distiller would be another way to make distilled water to be charged.

Charged micro clustered water cleans your blood, takes out cholesterol, rejuvenates your body, is antioxidant. Ditch the soda acid bath and live longer, more energy, all your cells and body water goes alkaline, don't worry you will get plenty of acid from coffee, tea, beer, wine. Just ditch soda, the worst sugar acid bomb you can intake. It is like drenching your body with acid, that does not dilute 99% of all victims with cancer have an acidic system. Most store bought bottled water is acidic! and needs a pH boost!

One way to use the Water Smacker. Leave the Water Smacker on all the time, since you can not overcharge the water and since it only runs 1 watt of energy. Leave it filled to the top of the bottle. Pour your self a glass of water and then refill it back up with your preferred drinking water, or well water, and leave it turned on. The refill water added charges up faster that way. Water cannot overcharge.

It makes no noise, so you wonder if it is on? If you place a long screwdriver with isolated handle, in the resonance area. Touch the long screwdriver to the alum lining, near the top of the inside of the 4"tube. Lift the screw driver end close to the handle close to the SS rod cathode. When you get about 1/2" to 1/4" away , you will see blue sparks jumping from the screw driver to the center ss rod. This is the way to test if it is working or not. It can NOT short. Learn more about micro clustered water on this site. 1/5 the price of other Ionic Water machines. You will rarely get sick after drinking this water daily. I testify to this, for I drink Kangen water every day for about 5 years. ( says Andrew Batty, owner of Hydrogen Garage)

The WATER SMACKER is a cheaper alternative to a Ionic Water Machine. ( $370 vs. $1480 to $2800) We have an Affiliate Marketing Program, sell the Water Smacker and earn a sales commission, just by adding the WATER SMACKER info to you website. We ship them out for you. CONTACT US

Listen to Bob Boyce talk about the WATER SMACKER at the Tesla Tech Conference New Mexico, 7/31/16 (Now up : The 2016 Tesla Tech Bob Boyce™ Presentation in 3 parts - 8/7/17)

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HOLY SPIRIT APPROVED? We have had a few customers telephone conversations. : 1) I do not know what this Water Smacker is, but the Lord is telling me to order one, so I am obeying his voice and I would like to buy one today. 2) Another gentlemen mentioned he was doing drinking water research and he said his research ended at the Water Smacker and I would like to buy one. 3) My friend bought a water smacker, he was told by God to buy it and now I want to try one out. So if the Holy Spirit that all who give their meeker little life to Christ, can and do receive the Holy Spirit who guides us who believe in a precious Savior, into all truth. Most Water Smacker sales are word of mouth. One buyer said her friend's cancer tumors are shrinking and I am a surviving cancer patent and tried of taking drugs to remove the tumors, have tried the chemo and now want to see if my body can heal itself with the help of hydrogen ionized, micro clustered, 7.5hz earth frequency pulsed and charged drinking water.


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Hydrogen 4 Health • Another way to make negatively charged drinking water.
Negative Hydrogen for Positive Health by Dr. Gerry F. Gordon

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Not a medical product, do not need FDA approval, for enhanced water is not a drug.

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