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Water Smacker Testimonies :

 1) Colon Cancer went away.

 2) Caused cancer tumors to shrink. Three people have said this.

 3) 300 lb. Diabetic person can now feel his toes again.

 4) Blood pressure goes down, Low blood pressure goes up.

 5) Water (fluid) retention and congestive heart failure went away!

 6) Shingles went away.

 7) Prostate count was 4.0 is now 0.5, PSA was 9.0, now 7.0

 8) Veins to the heart of a quadruple bypass surgery survivor is now
     flowing blood, that were clogged before! (Now a sextuple bypass heart surgery patient,
has all 6 veins/artitries are flowing blood! 8/30/18)

 9) Acid Reflex, burping and heart burn, went away.

10) Congestive Heart Failure Cured!

11) Helping ease pain from Lyme Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis below.

12) Optometrist said patients eyes are now better? that is rare, said the eye doctor.

13) Smacked Water helped kick the FLU, no antibiotics taken, no shot.

14) Cleans out plague in your blood stream. It allows your red blood cells to back round and bouncy, instead of the stacked coin effect called the" rouleaux effect."

15) Fibromyalgia muscle pain went away.

16) Rheumatoid Arthritis has gone away.

17) Smacked water drinkers notice their fingernails and toe nails grow better than before.

18) The hydrogenated water healed my blood and my parched dry skin, within 4 months
from head to toe became soft as a baby's skin. All dryness gone! Collagen came back.

19) Inflammation of joints, knees, hips were giving me pain for years. Pain relievers helped but the pain always came back. Drinking smacked water and the pain is now gone and the swelling is less.
I believe it is from drinking the charged micro clustered water.

20) Bleeding gums went away.

21) One friend bought 2 water smackers. His daughter cuts his hair for years, she told him "Hey Dad your hair is now thicker than before." Also all of us Smacked Water drinkers notice our finger and toe nails grow faster and thicker than before.

22) Joint pain went away, I can walk again ( from an elderly lady customer)

23) I sleep more sound that before and my dreams are more vivid. ( This may be from the ORMUS. Also called ORME : "Orbitally Re-arranged Monoatomic Elements) in a sulfide state, in all water. The Water Smacker will solidified the ormus, into gold, during the 24 hour smack process.

Come back for more! This product is new, but follows the same characteristics of a alkaline, ionize machine costing double or triple, quadruple the price. WaterSmacker only $350 compared to $1,000 to $2800 for alkaline water machines. Also brings 3 more dynamic qualities to the water over these current run water electrolysis machines.


1) Two women got healed of "shingles" that nothing else seemed to work, in just 2 weeks of drinking Smacked Water.

2) A pancreas cancer survivor, 60 years young women, was only 90 lbs and now is back to her normal body weight ( 130 lbs) after one month of drinking smacked water daily. Her health came back and more energy than before. She lives on a low income and we fronted her the Water Smacker machine and she came back wanting to buy it.

3) A colon cancer patient reported his body pH is now 7.4pH!! , due to drinking smacked water everyday for the last month. The doctor told him, at least the cancer will stop growing in an alkaline body. Cancer is a fungus and a high PH body can cure cancer. Drinking smacked water will boost your immune system 100%!

Not a medical product

4) One gentlemen has been drinking 16 oz of smacked water everyday for about a month, his diabetes in his feet, the dumbness is going away and he can feel his feet again!! He is 350 lbs and he says his urine is white, milky colored and getting calcium deposits in his toilet, that he has to clean. Toxins, salts, metals are coming out of his system, is what is happening. (9/16) He believes it is healing his diabetes! Will add more later. (10/16 update) Blood pressure improved, now 122/85 was higher before. PSA count was at 9.0, now 7.0, dropped 2 counts. : His prostate was at 4.0 count, now at 0.5 ! His doctor told him what ever your doing keep it up. He did not mention he was drinking the charged smacked water. He is stoked and will continue drinking the water. Will add more later.

5) Bob Boyce™ the DOD Scientist inventor of this Water Smacker. Went to the doctor, as this strange medicine they told him to take, gave him a allergic reaction and a stroke. They thought a piece of plaque in this blood stream caused it, later they found out it was the allergic reaction to the medicine. Before that diagnostic, they scanned his entire body to find no plaque at all. In 2015 he had quadruple bypass surgery and his main veins were clogged and the had to use veins from his legs and bypass these main arteries. Well he said all his veins are now clear!! and working again!! He drank a gallon of charged water everyday this year and eats better than before. We all think, the ionized charge water is what cleaned up his blood!! This will be one of many,many more testimonies. (more on Bob Boyce testimony below.) (3/2017)

6) Acid Reflex, burping and heart burn, went away while drinking 16 ox of Smacked water per day.

When one does a cleanse fast, they clean out their colon and your not to drink alcohol during the week cleanse. I have done this before and when you drink a beer after the week cleanse, you get real high off one beer, as your body is more sensitive to the alcohol than before. Well drinking the smacked water for one day, will do the same!!

One fellow claims his skin cancer of 10 yes is finally going away, is it from drinking this water?

I have been drinking Kangen water for 5 years now, the last 6 months I switched over to Smacked Water. I never get sick, the flu, the whole time, even when my whole household and wife got sick, I did not and kept working. My inherited arthritis went away! When I have a headache, I drink a glass of Kangen water and it goes away. Now I switched to Smacked Water and it gives me more energy than the Kangan water and has no white flakes in the water ( titanium dioxides) that can not be removed from the body, they do fall to the bottom of the glass and can be avoided by not drinking the last oz in the glass. The water smacker does not have this metal in the water. Any metallic taste from smacked water is from the ORMUS that is in your water that is coming out. Drinking Smacked water took away acid reflux, burping problem I had, is now gone!

I gave a friend a Water Smacker as he was have a pain in his shoulder that he felt daily. The 2nd day of drinking the water the pain went away. He said it made his R.O filtered San Jose water taste way better. The water smacker makes the water taste more silkier, smoother, nano size H molecules rather than the normal larger water molecule.

Come back for more testimonials. Similar to alkaline water machines, that rebuild your red blood cells , take out cholesterol , helps heal arthritis, fluid in your back discs and much more. This is NO JOKE and another bull shirt product. Water Smacker will be a household name someday, if, if we survive as a race and do NOT let the NMO bozos take the world over.

Read the BENEFITS of drinking Smacked Water on a daily basis.

By law we have to say the Water Smacker is NOT a medical product and does not heal you.

Life of the body is in the blood. We are all suffering from power failure. On a chemical and physical level all disease is caused by a loss of organization – by entropy – or essentially a loss of energy. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who discovered Vitamin C, said that hydrogen, not oxygen, is the “fuel of life”. Hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are the body’s defense mechanisms against damaging free-radicals. But by simply replenishing our hydrogen stores, we can increase cellular energy and detoxification, relieving and even reversing many of these conditions. Adding negative Hydrogen ions from your drinking water is now easy
and affordable.

Customer testimony 6/2/17:

7) ! have been using the Water Smacker for a few weeks now. Initially I was discouraged by the lack of pH change that I measured. I noticed however that there was a build up of static electricity around the bottle so I tried drinking the water anyway. Within a few minutes, I felt a tingling in my arms and legs from the increased blood circulation in my body. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I felt these changes and how drastic they were, especially after the second glass. My only problem is that I had to buy a second unit to keep up with my increased consumption of water (6/2/17)


Check out the Water Smacker BLOG (8/27/17)

Congestive Heart Failure Cured!, Not a medical product Just a drinking water enhancer.
Just a cheap, preventive health plan. You can not go wrong, and good water can not hurt you.

8) Mainly observation on my part. On March 10th of 2016, I had a heart attack. 10 days later
I had a triple Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG). All of those are medical facts with
supporting medical documentation. I had 3 coronary arteries that were extremely occluded
with calcified plaques. An imaging done a month earlier showed these calcified plaques, but
I did not get the imaging results until after the triple CABG had been done.

I had worked in the Washington DC area all through 2015 and into early 2016, so I did not
have access to my water. The location I was at only had Deer Park water in a water cooler.
The foods I had to eat there consisted of a lot of starches and other not so healthy foods,
cooked in Canola oil.

Not only did my coronary arteries get plugged up, but my melanoma cancer also came back
out of remission. After my triple CABG, I went home, I went back to drinking my water, and
started my recovery. I had to go through multiple imaging sessions in order to get prepared
for surgery to remove the cancer. The surgeon that was to perform my cancer surgery wanted
assurance from my cardiologist that I had recovered from my triple CABG enough to have the
surgery. By the time everything was arranged, many months had passed. The cardiologist had
me go through a cardiac stress test. Now this is the same cardiologist that diagnosed me with
Congestive Heart Failure back in 2002. He was amazed, said that I had no sign of CHF. He
asked me what I did to heal my heart. I told him the CHF had gone away years ago after I
started drinking charged water. ( Bob drank a gallon of Smacked Water per day! )

He told me there was no cure for CHF. I was due to have
another imaging session at the beginning of this year, so I had it done. The results were very
surprising to my doctor. Not only were my grafts clear of plaques, but the original coronary
arteries that had been bypassed were also clear, with no sign of the calcified plaques that
had occluded them. I had a cardiac echo done which showed no signs of plaque, and they
checked my cardioid arteries and found no plaque. I'm not a very healthy eater, as I do eat
at fast food restaurant quite often due to my frequent travels. I avoid Canola and soybean
oils, cook with coconut oil and bacon or hamburger grease, and I eat at least 3 fresh eggs
each and every day. I eat deli meats, cheese, fish, and lots of chicken. I avoid heat-n-eat
microwave foods and other highly processed foods. And I minimize my wheat intake. I lost
about 55 lbs after my cardiac surgery. My doctor was getting concerned, so I started eating
more to put a stop to my sudden weight loss. I gained about 15 lbs back.

Bob Boyce™



9) Two customers said they have pain in their neck and one had pain in their shoulder, due to blocked arteries to the head. They both said they had sharp pains at times and drinking the smacked water the pain attacks lessened and weeks later totally went away. The one fellow said his right right of his neck the blood flowed fine, but his left side was at 75% blood flow and if he put his hand on his left side of his neck, he could hear the heart pumping. Now he has 100% flow on both sides. He is stoked and will continue drinking smacked water.

Not a medical product

10) From Bob : Sent one to Maurice a few months ago. He's had a problem with interstitial fluid buildup in one ankle that was causing blisters to form and burst open He has scars from that happening for years. The doctor had not been able to figure out why or come up with a treatment. That problem is now clearing up, and his blood sugar is better, so he's been able to cut back on his insulin doses. He told his doctor that the only change is he's drinking smacked water now. His doctor is intrigued and asked how it works. He tried to explain it but does not know it well. He told the doctor it breaks the water into micro clusters so the water can go into the cells to flush out the toxins, instead of building up in the space between the cells. He said if his doctor is satisfied with the results, he may start recommending the Water Smackers to other patients.

11) Thanks so much for the e-mail update ... I really enjoyed the informative video.  Please continue to keep us on the e-mail list for future newsletters.  It's been nearly 3 months since we began using the Water Smacker...we love it & it's been in continual use every day!

12) You may not recall but my husband is the one I spoke to you in regards to his Ulcerative Colitis & you said give it time it will help!  He's certainly not out of the woods at this point, each day we persevere but the Water Smacker is one tool we are so thankful to have learned about.

13) Dion's friend got a WS and has been drinking Smacker Water and his wife for 3 months now. He wife was a surviving cancer patient and she tried everything for her cancer, she is now happier and her weight is coming back. Now on all homeopathic healing as she already tried chem o therapy and radiation. Now she is trying a natural method of healing.

14) The husband had to go to the Optometrist as his glasses were getting blurry and had to get a new prescription , as his eye sight is improving! The Optometrist mentioned very rare to see eye sight getting better. He believes it is from drinking the smacked water. Bob agrees.

15) Inflammation of joints, knees, hips were giving me pain for years. Pain relievers helped but the pain always came back. Drinking smacked water and the Pain is now gone and the swelling is less. I believe it is from drinking the charged micro clustered water.

16) Four month Water Smacker customer said he always had high blood pressure most of his adult life. He used to around 135/70, just today his blood pressure reading was 120/61 and a few months back was in between. This shows his blood plague is slowly disappearing? 11/20/17

17) One family all got the flu for Christmas 2017, 4 family members took antibiotics. One member only drank 48 oz of smacked water every day. It worked the flu lasted about 5 days and never came back.

18) The Water Smacker water has done so much for me. Unexpected benefit, being more alert and awake all day... Within 24 hrs of drinking my first two glasses of smacked water, a year's worth of debilitating fibromyalgia muscle pain in my torso and shoulders disappeared! The hydrogenated water healed my blood and my parched dry skin, within 4 months, from head to toe became soft as a baby's skin. All dryness gone! I bought a second machine and now I drink 2 liters of smacked water a day.?

19) Smacked water drinkers notice their fingernails and toe nails grow better than before.

20) I used to take multiple pain pills daily for back and joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis, I've not needed them for a long time. My doctor says the blood work shows that my RH factor dropped, which means that my rheumatoid arthritis has gone away.

21) Yesterday 8/30/18 a person wanted to buy a WS because his neighbor had a sextuple bypass heart surgery and now his all 6 veins are now flowing again, the doctor has NEVER heard this before. Doctors are starting to find out about drinking Smacked Water and will soon OUTLAW this device. Pray for us to stay alive and keep the Water Smackers going full bore!

Not a medical product.

Not FDA approved, we are NOT selling a drug, we are only enhancing your drinking water.



FOR SALE NOW! $350.00 Introductory price. Two year warranty. Charge up to 2 water bottles per day.

Smack your 32oz. drinking water bottle and raise the pH and lower the ORP!!

Guaranteed to satisfy you or your money back ( minus shipping costs)

Listen to Bob Boyce talk about the WATER SMACKER at the Tesla Tech Conference
New Mexico, 7/28/16

Gary Larabee's News Site.

My Water pH is NOT going up? Why is that?

More Water Smacker Videos 1/2018

Micro clustered water when frozen makes perfect snowflakes due to the lining up of the water molecules. Work of Dr. Emoto Normal macro clustered water looks like welding slag when frozen and no line up of the molecules. The water smacker magnetically line up the water molecules that will also help line up your cell molecules in your body and blood. The hydrogen ionized water absorbs into your body better and quenches your thirst better. Ionized water is similar to water at the bottom of the waterfall. Water that feels silky to your touch. What does bad water look like when frozen?

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Takes only 1 watt of energy to run it. The longitudinal toroid circuit INSIDE, pulses and resonates water back to it's original frequency of th earth at 7.5hz.

Turn your drinking water into micro clustered spring water! Makes water taste like mountain glacier water. You can taste the quality of the water. Smack your water bottle and raise the pH and lower the ORP!! to a negative reading. ( ORP = Oxidation Reduction Potential or REDOX) ORP, or Redox Potential, is a measurement of waters ability to oxidize contaminants. The higher the ORP, the greater the number of oxidizing agents. Raising the pH ( potential Hydrogen) ionizes the hydrogen in the water and charges it up with a natural frequency. (3/16/16) Cone back in a few weeks and we will have a video of pH tests of many brands of drinking water that are acidic and high ORP reading. We show you how the pH goes up after a over night charge of the water and the ORP goes negative ( antioxidant qualities of the water, boosts your immune systems by 100%!

Use only store bought drinking water or distilled or R.O. filtered water or tested spring/well water. The pH of the charged water goes up according to the starting pH level of your water. If you would like a higher pH of water let it run for a few more hours.

Do not use tap water! Never charge tap water or municipal water if it contains fluoride, chlorine or other harmful chemicals. Charging water magnifies the effects of any elements or chemicals in that water. You must choose a good quality source, or use a reverse osmosis water filter under the sink system. A Solar distiller would be another way to make distilled water to be charged.

Charged micro clustered water cleans your blood, takes out cholesterol, rejuvenates your body, is antioxidant. Ditch the soda acid bath and live longer, more energy, all your cells and body water goes alkaline, don't worry you will get plenty of acid from coffee, tea, beer, wine. Just ditch soda, the worst sugar acid bomb you can intake. It is like drenching your body with acid, that does not dilute 99% of all victims with cancer have an acidic system. Most store bought bottled water is acidic! and needs a pH boost!

One way to use the Water Smacker. Leave the Water Smacker on all the time, since you can not overcharge the water and since it only runs on1 watt of energy. Leave it filled to the top of the bottle. Pour your self a glass of water and then refill it back up with your preferred drinking water, or well water, and leave it turned on. The refill water added charges up faster that way. Water cannot overcharge.

It makes no noise, so you wonder if it is on? If you place a long screwdriver with isolated handle, in the resonance area. Touch the long screwdriver to the alum lining, near the top of the inside of the 4"tube. Lift the screw driver end close to the handle close to the SS rod cathode. When you get about 1/2" to 1/4" away , you will see blue sparks jumping from the screw driver to the center ss rod. This is the way to test if it is working or not. It can NOT short. Learn more about micro clustered water on this site. 1/5 the price of other Ionic Water machines. You will rarely get sick after drinking this water daily. I testify to this, for I drink Kangen water every day for about 5 years
( says Andrew, owner of the Hydrogen Garage)

The WATER SMACKER is a cheaper alternative to a Ionic Water Machine. ( $350 vs. $1480 to $2500) We have an Affiliate Marketing Program, sell the Water Smacker and earn a sales commission, just by adding the WATER SMACKER info to you website. We ship them out for you. CONTACT US

Watch this video of a Blood Doctor doing blood tests after drinking micro-clustered water.
This water will replace the acid water in your body and help your cells and blood all to line up naturally.
Every body needs it. Super charge the water you drink! Boost your immune system!

One customer asked : "Will the water smacker kill microbes in the water?"
Answer : "No, the process is pro-life. It adds energy to the water that is beneficial to living cells. It is not a
water filter or purifier, that must be done to the water prior to charging it. However, it can kill any
organism that cannot withstand an alkaline ph, such as cancer. This is a good thing." 6/10

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Come visit the Tesla Tech Conference in New Mexico, the end of July 2016 and listen to Bob talk
about the Water Smacker and Battery Smacker and other Tesla subjects.

Hydrogen 4 Health • Another way to make negatively charged drinking water.
Negative Hydrogen for Positive Health by Dr. Gerry F. Gordon

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Not a medical product. Not FDA approved,
we are NOT selling a drug, we are
only enhancing your drinking water.

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Not a medical product. Not FDA approved,
we are NOT selling a drug, we are
only enhancing your drinking water.

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